Very narrow hutches may not be able to hold your TV securely. This hutch top was missing a glass shelf and the glass on one of the slender faux doors on the side. Taking apart a cabinet hutch is pretty straightforward. Log in. That looks great! Okay, well let's quit staring at that elephant and instead let's get you excited about some new possibilities for that piece! Nowthis really tells my age but I used to have a hutch on my bedroom dressergag! What a transformation. The conventional way of joining the two pieces is by screws driven from bottom of lower case top into bottom of upper case. Who would have thunk it, well, I guess you. But it also means that the shelves are easy to pull out. :) And I love your lamps and I'm heading to Dollar Tree - thanks!! Maybe one day:(. Copyright 2013-2020 Thirty Eighth Street | Thirty Eighth Street is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to But, why? Only 6 Left. See how we transformed the bottom of these, Getting rid of the bulky weight of entire, If you're looking for a budget-friendly way to acquire a few nice pieces of furniture, dividing up a two piece. Plus, you can better see the trim on the wall. Hutches are typically going to be secured to the base cabinet by: The first order of business is to move the cabinet hutch out from the wall so you can comfortably access the back of the unit (this is why you emptied the cabinet). I've always appreciated your frugal ways :). I would love to do this to mine also, but as others have said, it was my great-grandmothers and they would all roll over. Thanks for re-inspiring me to get 'er done! You are TOO funny! We thought about replacing it, but then quickly realized, that would work because the two side doors dont open. I ran and operated a Local Furniture Store in Southern California. We offer a wide variety of sideboards, benches, tables, and more. Rug, or no rug? I need the hutch on top because it is *filled* with china. Old Hutch Top Makeover - Flip It Upside Down! Oh WOW! and I 've seen those DIY candle holders and have not made any of my own, yet. Once you have located the screws, unscrew them with whatever screwdriver fits and place the screws and brackets into your handy bag. Because the little heathens pull that beautiful napkin onto the floor every time they climb up there.Spankin's all around!! Don't start out overcrowded in the new space. You're an angel! Not all furniture needs to be painted or even 100% painted for that matter. If you have a specific question I will do my best to answer you back here! There were only two left and they were stashed behind the regular onesso lucky! We are here to clear your rug fog up. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dining room re-do. The contrast between the before and after are ALWAYS so stunning! I am so heading to dollar tree tomorrow! After three coats of the chalk paint, it was time to wax. I'll have to go shopping! This automatically made it look more in style. After a few months of staring at it, I decided that it looked too closed in and that I couldnt really see anything in there. I have a giant chunk of mirror that used to be glued to the wall in my bathroom (yuck!) You go girl! What do you think? It looks so much more modern. Please, spill the beans on the chairs! Mission Turner Sideboard with 3 Drawers and 2 Doors, Michael's Cherry (MC-A) by Crafters and Weavers (5) $1,825. but didn't know how to make a frame! A huge transformation Wow - that looks great! Also, you will need access to the cabinet portion (more on that later), so empty that as well. Thanks again. Shame on him you had to buy it then donate it Goodwill, but I'm sure they sooooo appreciated it! Love it. Neutral paint colors don't always mean painting with white or cream paint! I'm sort of sick of my hutch too.DI. Oh wow! Well, I ask them if i can have it. At our next location, I actually found a store selling an open 3-shelf hutch that fit perfectly on top of the dresser/buffet! I prefer to stain with a lint-free cloth, instead of a paintbrush. Really love my table and wish to keep it but . It actually is not that hard to remove a hutch from a cabinet base, but you do need to proceed methodically. So happy you're finally happy! We created a lifetime warranty so you can relax and enjoy your piece all the way to the next generation.
  • Carrie has been a judge for The Fab Furniture Flippin Contest and is a regular contributor for Country Chic Paint and Pure & Original. When it comes to styling your hutch (or any open shelving, for that matter), make sure to shop your home first. Thank you so much for the tip. Nice job and I can't wait to see how you decorate it for the holidays. You are so talented and have adorable way of talking in your posts:))) I wanted to let you know that i awarded you with THE VERSATILE BLOGGER award. If you have a buffet with a "top" piece remove it. But what did I get? How to Refinish A Wooden Buffet in 8 Steps 1. Then run the outside corner knife along the edge to smooth the Spackle while at the same time creating a new smooth finished corner edge. Do you need help deciding on a bold furniture paint color for your china hutch? I could just donate the top piece like you did! You've inspired me to finish my dining room the way it is in my head :). I love your dresser, without the hutch! Step 1. Who knew, right? To do so, you will need: China hutch doors are connected to the hutch by metal hinges, usually at the top and bottom (and sometimes in the middle). What a deal. When you invest in custom hardwood furniture, you intend for it to last. Show more Show more Gerstner Chest - Felt Removal Thrift Store Rescue #8 / Mid Century. Nothing fake, veneer, or prefabricated. I ran to Dollar Tree and found to of the same candle holders! It's gorgeous & again, like when you got the dresser from craigslist, the dining room looks more grown up now. Buffet hutches, as their name suggests, are designed to set food on top of to serve meals. listeners: [], Otherwise you can put some felt on the bottom od the ends if you want to. }(function(){ if (typeof window.gf_image_choices_ignore_global_css_586 === "undefined") window.gf_image_choices_ignore_global_css_586 = 0; })();} } );jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_conditional_logic', function(event, formId, fields, isInit){} );. After that, get some help for the lifting and a little patience for maneuvering the shelves and you will be fine. This is the furniture before the paint makeover and change of hardware. That is absolutely gorgeous. Think about it: You wash them because, like the good china, it's dusty since it hasn't been used for a while, then you remove the food from a pot or mixing bowl and pour it into the serving bowl and now you have 2 things to wash, dry and put away. Filled with tutorials, tips and lots of furniture before and afters, Thirty Eighth Street was created to encourage and inspire her readers to see the full potential in unloved and unwanted furniture. You are so talented! Thanks & sorry for all the questions but a girl with an inquiring mind is. well dangerous lol. The doors could open or the shelves slide out of their places. Custom Painted China Cabinet by That Sweet Tea Life. Did you get it at Home Depot? what a great transformation! For this reason, it is best to remove the shelves and the doors before you remove the hutch. The FUN part!! Your dining room looks so much bigger now. I. Houzz Pro: One simple solution for contractors and design pros, Two apartments and two contrasting design styles combine in a single stunning home with a view in Turkey, Comfy, colorful private digs and common areas send a winning design message to Olympic athletes in London, A design student swaps mass-produced furnishings in his light-filled apartment with the real thing, one piece at a time, Striking industrial and wood elements shine in this 2-story remodeled home, End the Where are those ? conundrum by storing seasonal and everyday items in a well-organized hutch, Whether you reserve your cabinet for your good china or stock it with everyday tableware, here are ideas for arranging it, Missing that sense of connection? I want it in my house! Using a cat's-paw, pry off the back of the cabinet. So perhaps you are in the position of dismantling a cabinet hutch, either to move or to repurpose it. Please, make me go clean the kitchen. LOOOOVE the new look! the plant alone brings so much life to the room! Love the greenery, too. 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